the beginning

My journey began March 17, 2013. The day after.

The day before I threw a house party, and it was epic. I had a moon bounce in my front yard. The moon bounce ultimately broke me. Yes, I injured myself in this yellow inflated house. 20140806-082138-30098157.jpg

You can laugh. I did at the time, and I do now. I cried immediately after I was told I tore my ACL, but then I also knew everything had to change.

Now I say my injury was both a gift and a curse. The recovery was slow and filled with frustrated tears. I had to learn how to be patient with my body and be mindful every day of what I was doing. Yet it completely changed my approach to fitness, and ultimately led me down the path to becoming a group fitness instructor. I have become obsessed with the human body- how it works, responds and heals. Prior to injuring myself leg day meant go do some cardio, there was no structure to my training methods. I would run or bike and then occasionally throw in some HIIT classes. Now I properly plan my workouts. I created balance, which is what the body requires.

I am on a journey to prove to myself that I can, and I will. I encourage you to follow me, join me, and teach me.

post surgery, rockin’ my morphine happy face.

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  1. Andy P says:

    Glad you started this blog! Looking forward to the posts. 🙂


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