rule one of training: know your limits

Knee has not been feeling it the last few days, and today has probably been the worst. It is probably because of how tight my legs have been all week, putting too much pressure on my knee.  This is the time when I need to tell myself to CTFO. It is also when I hit up my awesome massage therapist Andrew for some leg work. He set me up right with some acupuncture and cupping. Although it only felt a little better right after, results are obviously not instantaneous so I am trying to be patient with the healing process.

Check out them tiny little punctures.

For the short-term: foam roller, Elasto-Gel therapy wrap, and some peach ginger tea.

For the long-term: TriFlex chews from GNC (glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM). Which the PB flavor is pretty disgusting in my opinion so next time I will opt for the pill or liquid version. Also got some be-BALANCED Calcium chews. Hooray for healthy bones and joints!

So here is to tonight’s plan of RICE, tea, RedBox and some ordering in. It is off to Luray tomorrow AM for a swim clinic- lucky for me swimming is therapeutic so this should help, not hinder my healing. Fingers crossed!

My seat for the evening

Stay healthy my friends,



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