no sharks, just catfish

Yesterday marked my first ever open water swim. Not counting the times in high school I cliff jumped and swam around in lakes/rivers. Not that I condone that sort of thing….

Getting ready
Getting ready

Some things I learned:

– Don’t panic
– Don’t panic
– Pace my breathing, and don’t panic

Ok Ok, it was not that bad. In fact I feel more confident in the swim portion of my first tri than most people probably do. Only thing I need to work on is my sight while swimming, which can be easily practiced in the pool. To make things even better I also did not feel pain in my knee afterwards. Every day gets a little better, and now I have decided to focus on swimming and biking this last week in order to give my knee an impact break.

Don't panic!
Don’t panic!


Only 1 week until race day, so remember, there are no sharks in the lake, only catfish.







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