yogi power

Since I’ve self-diagnosed myself with runners knee (don’t judge you all know you’ve self assessed at one time or another), I had to adjust my normal routine this week.

I had a buy one get one free class from my current sub studio Stroga, so I decided to take Power Yoga last night. Well okay, it expired yesterday so I kind of had to use it then.  I guess I should have started this off with the fact that I am not new to yoga. In fact, during my recovery I would go to hot yoga at Down Dog in Georgetown at least once a week. Unfortunately in DC, this shit is expensive. So I eased up on it once I got my membership to Gold’s and started training for my race. Bad idea in all honesty…  I should have at least taken classes at my work gym or Gold’s. Yoga can help restore sore muscles, and may have prevented my overuse injury had I stuck with it a little more. Hindsight is 20/20 though, right? Regardless the class went well, knee awkwardness to a bare minimum and woke up this morning feeling revived.

The best part of last night though? Yoga pants. Minds out of the gutter pervs, this is not “because they make your butt look great”, or because they are lululemon. Which, please DO NOT even get me started on overpriced athletic clothing.  What I realized as I was walking to Stroga in my yoga leggings was that the compression on my knee felt ah- mazing.  So much so that it gave me the idea to invest in this handy little thing called a knee compression sleeve to use during my triathlon run. Problem solved, for now. I am excited to update that my self-diagnosis so far seems accurate in that I have been getting better, not worse with increased stretching, RICE and impact rest this week. I do solemnly promise that if I am in pain come Monday I will actually visit the doctor.

Last night has solidified my decision that Fall/Winter plans will consist of spin, weights, swimming and yoga. Period. I may throw in the occasional run, but I really want to focus on keeping my strength up, not just putting miles in. Here is to switching it up for the upcoming season. Be nice to your body and let it do something different for a change.

goals for the winter…

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