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My crazy ass decided that it be a good idea to do a juice cleanse this week. I figured it would be a good way to reset before starting again on my regimen. I bought the three-day cleanse from South Block Juice Co. in Arlington prior to my hurting knee and realizing that nerves from the triathlon would do a number on my stomach. It is almost like the me two weeks ago subconsciously knew that I would need this. Typically I would suggest one recover with normal food, but do what your body wants. Mine wanted juice cause my stomach could not handle solid food after this weekend.

The Juice Lineup:


Detox (No. 1): Cucumber, apple, Dino kale, spinach, celery, parsley, lemon and ginger. Which first off, I had to google dino kale since the name threw me, but it just Lacinato kale (or Tuscan kale, or like a couple other names all meaning the same type of kale). It is just darker in color and apparently sweeter and more delicate than curly kale. Feel free to read the rest of Wikipedia to learn more like I did. The ginger gives it this kick at the end, not bad but it was tough to drink first thing in the morning. I drank this one the slowest every day.

Glow (No. 2): Pineapple, apple, fennel, kale, lemon and mint. My favorite of the green ones, FUR SURE.

Greens (No. 3): Cucumber, celery, dino kale, spinach, parsley, fennel, lemon and mint. This was probably my least favorite of the three green juices, not terrible but definitely the more bland of the three.

Cure (No. 4): Pineapple, carrot, lemon, cayenne, tumeric and ginger. This one freaked me out at first based on the dominant orange color. The cayenne wasn’t too overpowering, made my stomach work a bit but I guess that is all part of the process.

Renew (No. 5): Carrot, apple, beet, dino kale, lemon and ginger. Oh, beets… Luckily they aren’t overpowering in flavor.

Caveman Mylk (No. 6): Cashews, water, cinnamon, dates and pink himalayan sea salt. Dessert! Nuff’ said. Probably my favorite of all of them but hard to compete with the sweet one at the end of the day.

Time to get serious about juice, also thanks for the free shades South Block.
Time to get serious about juice, also thanks for the free shades South Block.

Day 1:
Worried since I woke up with a headache to start, and pretty sore/stiff from the tri. Luckily this got better as the day progressed and the juice did not seem to make things worse (better perhaps). No cravings or hunger pains, in fact it started to get difficult to finish each juice. Like Baxter, this burrito is good but it is filling. I did get super sleepy though (probably also from the tri still) and needed to lay in my bed by 9pm. Watched more SOA though and iced/heated knee so wasn’t asleep until about 10.

Day 2: Slept about 9 hours, woke up feeling pretty refreshed. Again, morning drink is the hardest and probably slowest. Feeling really good halfway through the day, might be because I got good news from the Orthopedic this morning and have an hour massage in t-minus 20 minutes from now.

Rest of the day went smoothly. I tortured myself shopping at TJ’s and preparing my vegan soup for Thursday. The bananas sitting on my kitchen island are tempting too, and I feel bad cause they are turning brown. I managed to go to Body Flow class at Gold’s at 8pm, which no offense to anyone but it was horribly disappointing for me. Yoga studios are the way to be when you want some true yogi time.

Day 3:
The final stretch. Felt refreshed waking up, morning drink still the toughest to get down. No real cravings, I just miss having food variety. Went to Whole Foods on my way back home tonight to pick up frozen Acai smoothie packs, some granola and fresh fruit for my Acai bowls in the next few days. Just finished up juice number 5, plan on having my final dessert drink in another hour or so. Overall I felt great the entire time. No getting hangry or feeling weak. In fact, I have been icing, watching the little league world series and doing push-ups during commercials. Because that is how I do, and watching Mo’ne Davis gets me pumped.

Starting Weight: 154 lbs.
Ending Weight: 150 lbs.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for cleanse without sacrificing too much, especially taste. I also plan to appropriately recover from the cleanse by slowly incorporating grains and whole foods into my diet the next few days. I will follow-up with some of my post-cleanse meals that I have prepared.

Eat Clean,



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