ch-ch-ch-chia… pudding & vegan soup

So post-cleanse plans consist of the following guidelines:
Day 1: green smoothies, chia pudding, soups
Day 2: add raw veggies (salads)
Day 3: add rice, steamed veggies
Day 4: add whole grains, 1 meal with meat

I did not just pick this plan out of the sky, it is based off the guide found on South Block Co.’s website. Basic guidance post-cleanse is to slowly incorporate foods back into the diet. No running out and piling in a 3-course meal, because then seriously, what was the point of doing a cleanse?

I made this chia pudding. Unfortunately I put it in a mason jar last night, thinking it would set by this morning, wrong. Oops, guess this will have to be saved for tonight’s dessert.

Also prepped this Vegan Tomato Cashew Soup found here. I know it sounds weird, but my CSA has been giving me a ridiculous number of tomatoes and I like cashews. I cut this recipe in half because I figured I would only want enough servings for 4-5 people, not 8-10. Which I recommend for all you single folks since it still made a shitload of soup. We are talking about 3 quarts here. Which they should edit this recipe to say “serves 8-10 large, extremely hungry people.” Damn.

I also did not include fennel. Not on purpose. I bought the actual raw vegetable instead of the dried, herb version. Oops. I blame the juice fog. Just means I will be cooking some fennel later this week. I did not measure out the spices exactly cause well, does it really matter? I also used sriracha sauce instead of chipotle, since that was what I had available. Made for a pretty tasty lunch. Tomorrow I may have to pair with a salad and some of the green beans I got from the CSA.

I will leave the photos to the recipe sites, mine do not do the food any justice.

Also on tap for today: Samboozan acai smoothie (breakfast), Naked Juice green machine smoothie (snack 1), Chobani blueberry yogurt (snack 2), salad with baby corn, hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes (dinner, slight “cheat”, but I was out with friends and it’s like day 1.5).

Tomorrow I will add in more raw veggies to my meals and some fresh fruits to make an acai bowl in the morning.

Eat well,



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