zen hunt: on edge

So in an effort to follow through with my yoga practice through winter I am shopping around for a studio. First stop: Edge Yoga in Court House. Why?: it was the cheapest per class and also one of the closest. I decided to attend the 6AM class. I figured I would just drop-in since honestly how many people go to 6am yoga on a Wednesday? The answer to that is 4. Before I get to that I must explain that I showed up to the studio at around 5:45AM. I figured since I was a drop-in I should give myself ample time to check-in and setup. Well, how about I was the only one there, and by “there” I mean standing outside the door to the entrance since it  was locked. Little known to me this place also shares a space with a bartending school. Around 5:55AM some random dude drove up and opened the door for me. He also had no affiliation with the yoga studio since he literally just let me in and took off to a different area of the building. I idled around the studio for a bit, which is literally the size of my living room. Right around 6AM the instructor showed up and introduced herself, as did I. Then my 3 other classmates arrived and class began. Note that I have not paid at this point, I was never asked and I signed in saying I was a “one time class” person so I figured it might come up. Nope. So needless to say I got my first class on the house. Oops. I feel a little bad, but I was also 1 of 4 people so you think this would have been pretty obvious. I am slightly nervous to return now that I may have been added to some delinquent yogi list.

Overall my experience went well and it was a great way to start my day.

Pros: very personal with  a lot of adjustments by the instructor, played light music throughout, good variety of poses and movement, low price, close to house
Cons: very small studio, lack of organization (granted I am totally OK with never paying), few classes offered per day

Next stop? Mind the Mat.


Keep calm,



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