zen hunt: do you mind?!?

Round 2 of my hunt for a yoga studio, at the plate: Mind the Mat.

This studio has locations in Alexandria and Arlington, with the Alexandria location offering hot yoga classes. I bought a $40 new student trial (legit yogi, no blacklist status this time) which is good for 3 classes. My first class experience was a hot power flow at the Alexandria studio on Saturday morning.

In my search for class number 2 I stumbled upon a *FREE* class opportunity. Sold. Although this was listed as a Power Flow II class, with a focus on inversions. It was free since this was the instructors first time teaching a class on her own. Although attempting all the inversions was intimidating (and also a total failure), it acted as a motivator to where I would like to see myself in my practice.

My true second class was a Friday 6AM Hot Power Yoga at the Alexandria location (as you can tell I favor the hot classes). I know, I know 6AM on a FRIDAY?! But I put in a lot of work Thursday with my first group circuit workout and teaching a spin class so it was a much-needed stretch & relax. I enjoyed this teacher as well, very relaxed and fun for such an early class, and also gave us some threat thoughts on how “suffering is resistance.” Well said lady.

My final class was at the Arlington studio at 6am on my birthday. Yes, I woke up at 6am on my 27th birthday to do yoga. It was a great way to start my day. Again, good class but I think I prefer the Alexandria studio to the Arlington one, even though this one is much more convenient in terms of location. Overall I like this studio and am pretty sure I will go with it for future classes. In fact I am 99% sure I am going to sign up for their fundamentals workshop starting in October as long as this crazy schedule I live by will allow it.

Peace and Yoga,



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