homemade bars (the kind you eat)

In an effort to truly eat clean, I have been trying to make everything I consume. I started making my own nut butters (which is simply puree’d nuts by the way), and have been making my own “larabars” for a while now. Buying the legit Larabar is in no way bad, since the ingredients are quite simple and natural. Honestly, bars are expensive. No offense to the creators of Larabar, but at $1.50 per, it adds up.

Since I am a closet nerd, of course I figured out the savings. Here is rough estimate, depending on the fruit/nuts I purchase the price goes up or down a bit. I estimated the number of bars by weighing out what a batch makes in grams, and then dividing that by what a normal Larabar serving size is (45 grams). This is assuming I use up everything, I typically make half batches at a time though.

Dates: 4.29
Nuts: 5.99
Fruit: 3.99
Flax/Other: 1.00
TOTAL: 15.27
# bars 16
per bar $0.95

I also get more enjoyment out of creating my own versions, in fact I feel like they should hire me as flavor creator since over the past few months I have come up with some awesome recipes. So here is the “science” behind the bars, and I included a few of my favorite combinations. I encourage you to get creative, it is your snack at the end of the day.

How to Make Your Own Larabars (this shit is simple people).

Take all your ingredients and add them to the food processor, dates are your base, so they are included in each and every recipe (which is why I didn’t bother adding that note to my combos listed below). How much of each you ask?! However much you want really… I typically use half the pack of dates and nuts per mix, then estimate the rest. Be sensible folks, unless you really love your spices, keep it under a tablespoon.


Then once it has become a solid clump, transfer it to a pan with some parchment paper:


Use another sheet of parchment to press that shit down (or roll it out on a table first, whatever your little heart desires):


Place into fridge/freezer depending on how much time you want to wait until it is firmed up enough to cut into fun edible pieces:


Store ’em in the fridge with a Ziploc and enjoy!

Some flavor combinations:

Vanilla Cranberry (pictured)
– dried cranberries
– vanilla
– cinnamon
– almonds
– chia seeds

Blueberry Cashew
– dried wild blueberries
– cashews
– flax seeds

Apple Cinnamon
– dried apples
– cashews
– cinnamon

Nutrageous Protein
– vanilla protein powder (Cellucor)
– almonds
– peanut butter
– cranberries
– chia seeds

Eat well,



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