the challenge: week 1

The official start of the meltdown challenge was pushed back to September 17. The site got so much action that they had to do some damage control before opening up the contest officially. This actually worked to my advantage since I avoided the gym during my recovery day on Monday, so I wasn’t able to weigh in until Tuesday. Which thank goodness for my gym manager being cool with my odd request to take my photograph while standing on the scale. I realized after submitting  my weigh-in that the 6% body weight goal may be unrealistic for me, but whatever, too late to change it. I will still focus on heavy weights and yoga and see what happens in the next 6 weeks. I will say that requiring me to do the food logs and other site activities for points is already starting to motivate me and make me more aware of my habits. In the end I will be happy if I reach my body fat percentage goal over the weight loss for some pool money. Health & Happiness > Money. Always.

my angry, sad, pathetic "before" photograph
my angry, sad, pathetic “before” photograph

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