what’s love got to do with it?

So I know I promised myself no more races, but… The Fall In Love 5K was this weekend. Short race, good cause… I just can’t help myself. My running group DC Capital Striders was also the sponsor for this, so on top of running I also volunteered my time to getting people’s bags checked in prior the race.

Originally this was set to be run on the C&O towpath but due to conflicts with the million other race events going on in the DC area today, the course was moved last-minute to an out and back on Mt. Vernon trail.

The event was small overall, with attendance just shy of 300 runners. I prefer these races to the larger more clusterfuck-like versions. Also, not to brag, but I am pretty impressed with my survivor skills of being able to stay out until after midnight with a head cold, get up by 6:30AM to volunteer from 715-9AM, run a 5K, and then ride back home to get ready and leave for a wedding in VA beach. BOOM. I am truly a machine, or just completely insane. Either way, I am officially done with running races for 2014… I think 🙂

Special props to my tri-buddy Andy for his awesome job as race director!


Also please check out the charity at http://www.specialove.org/

Hugs & Kisses,



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  1. Andy "tri-buddy" P says:

    Thanks for the post! It turned out well thanks to volunteers like you!


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