the challenge: weeks 4-5

I have been bad about keeping up with this… the blog and the challenge. Not that I have let my health slip. In fact I have been going HAM the last few weeks. Picked up Spin classes on Tuesday mornings at 6:30AM and Thursday nights at 6:30PM while also picking up random sub shifts (like today where I am teaching two classes at noon and four). My eating habits have been staying strong, and as my buddy Mark exclaimed, eating has become a chore. More and more I am treating it as fuel for my next activity, instead of some indulgence. Which to some may sound awful, but for fitness freaks like myself it is just the way it goes. With that said, eating healthy DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT mean that the food you eat has to be boring and bland. I take pride in the food I make and I try to have variety in what I buy at the store so I do not feel boring and bland. Take today for instance. I found this awesome pumpkin salad mix from Trader Joe’s (yea, I caved to the whole pumpkin season thing).  I thawed out one of my organic chicken breasts this morning, tossed it around in my pre-made spice mix that I got from my roommate and a dash of Worcestershire sauce and let that baby bake in the cast iron for a while. Add that to my pumpkin salad and I had a solid lunch made for me to much on between classes. Boring? Hell no. Delicious? Hell yes. All the while still healthy. BOOM. See what I did there? Anyway, next time someone says healthy food is bland and boring, I say no, you are bland and boring and lazy. It just takes a little effort to get creative people. So pipe the fuck down, and go look up some tasty recipes on Pinterest.

Much love,



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