buff ladies

The fitness world is full of misinformation. My personal favorite myth? A woman who lifts heavy weights will get super huge (SWOL for all you bros out there). Perhaps for some it is the intimidation factor. Some guys can’t handle seeing a strong woman, I label these fellas “LDL’s” which stands for Limp Dick Losers. It’s simple: muscle burns fat. So by building more of it you can become a lean, mean machine. Also when you feel physically strong it feeds into you having a stronger mentality and more confidence, and who doesn’t want that?

To start off my journey to being a tough broad (and continuing my winter goal of lifting and teaching spin), I decided to compete in my gym’s 1st Annual Strongwoman Competition. All participants were to test their strength in the bench press, with the winner being the one who lifted the highest percentage of their bodyweight. There were 6 total participants, with each getting 3 attempts to lift. I started out lifting 25’s on each (total 95 lbs) and lifted it with no problems. For my second attempt I decided to go all out and pump up to 45’s (total 135 lbs), but it was a failed attempt. My third and final I stuck with the 45’s, but again to no avail. In retrospect it may have helped me to go down to 35’s, but I figured go hard or go home, right? I ended up placing in third, which got me this awesome certificate of my achievement.


Regardless of placing, my favorite part of this event was all the support the ladies received from our fellow gymmates and the overall vibe between the female competitors. I was so proud of each and every one of them, and we all agreed that we have now set our personal marks for what to beat in the next coming year. Which was the best thing about it all. Yes we were technically competing against each other, but for us the real competition was with ourselves. Which, as I was discussing with my good friend prior to the event, is one of the biggest things to realize with fitness goals. YOU are your biggest competition. Working out is the time to be selfish, because at the end of the day it is all about you. Too often people compare against others and get discouraged by their own progress. So with that I leave you with my quote for the winter, and honestly for the rest of this journey I have taken myself on.



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