circuit breaker

As part of my new winter routine I have been trying to incorporate more full-body workout circuits. My goal is to do 2 circuits a week, have 3-4 days of lifts and then cardio about 3-4 days (2 I already have locked down with my Tues/Thurs spin classes). I found today’s circuit on, by Ashley Horner. I really liked this chick’s mentality in the video too. The workout actually consisted of 3 different circuits, each done as fast as you can with about 2-3 minutes rest between circuits. I adjusted to what I could do right now, with the goal to do this once a week and be able to finish with same reps as original.
Circuit 1: 4 rounds (with 15 lb. dumbbell)
  • Man-Maker: 5x (push-up, row each arm, another push-up to standing)
  • Dumbbell Thruster: 5x (basically weighted squat with shoulder press at the top)
  • Wall Run with Shoulder Tap: 3x (I took out the push-up at the beginning)

Circuit 2: 3 rounds (with 15 lb.dumbbell)

  • Weighted Burpee: 10x
  • Kettlebell Swing: 15x
  • Weighted Step-Up: 15x (10x each leg, then alternate, so 30 total)

Circuit 3: 5 rounds (with 30 lb. barbell)

  • Hang Clean: 5x
  • Push Press: 5x
  • Front Squat: 5x
  • Alternating Lunges: 5x
  • Back Squat: 5x

Completed it all in about 40 minutes. First circuit is definitely the toughest, but I am excited to get better at it!

Stay tough,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. emcycles says:

    Sort of! The wall run is insane but I’m hoping I get better and more confident being upside down haha.


  2. emcycles says:

    Just completed my second attempt at this! Added the push-up at the end of the wall run and also did 12 burpees instead of 10. WHEW!


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