tri and tri again, my (tentative) 2015 race calendar

I’ve been neglecting this space, and for that I am sorry. I’ve been trying to maintain and also make sure I am not broken. Which I am not, entirely. Still have to deal with the tendonitis but also have teeny tiny meniscus tear (maybe, after all my surgery it may also just look the way it does, this non-virgin knee of mine). But here is my tentative outlook for the 2015 triathlon season. Not too crazy, just taking the distance up a notch and laying off the serious running aspect of it all with two aquabikes in there. Let’s do this 2015!

– May 2, 2015- PeasantMan Sprint
– May 31, 2015- Black Bear Olympic [1500 m/24 miles/6.2 miles]
– July 25, 2015- Washington Olympic Aquabike (race still pending)
– August 16, 2015- Rev3 Poconos Olympic Aquabike [0.9 m/24 miles]
– Sept/Oct, potentially another long sprint or Olympic


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