heavy lifting- unilateral workout

So earlier in the Winter I promised myself that I would stick to yoga and spin, and I have for the most part. Which, SIDEBAR: I am also taking part in a yoga challenge all month-long with the studio I go to, Mind the Mat. So please follow me on Instagram @paradisem36 and check out my daily posts for the #MTMChallenge. Crossing my fingers to win 6 months of free classes!!

Now, back to my heavy lifting. Another part of my new routine is incorporating heavier weight lifting days. I especially want to do this since I will have to back off on the lifting once I get more into triathlon training but don’t want to lose serious muscle tone in the process (i.e., let’s not get skinny fat). I started this process out by following a workout series I found on Bodybuilding.com (here). Although I am done with the program, it was a great way to kickoff lifting again and it inspired some of my recent workouts. One in particular that I like is the Unilateral Armament. With all the injuries I’ve had recently I have come to realize how important it is to create balance with y. Yoga has continued to help me realize what needs work with my balance and flexibility, while this workout shows me where my strength lies on each side. Although this takes a bit longer to work each side separately (about 45-60 min as opposed to my usual 30 min lift session), it is something I feel worthwhile to keep in my routine once a week, especially while I am in training mode. Below is this weeks version, which I will probably tweak every once in a while depending on my mood or level of soreness from other activities.

Unilateral Workout
Start with heaviest weight first, do 8-10 reps, then drop weight by about 5-10% and increase reps to 10-12, decrease weight again and increase reps to 12-15 or complete failure.

Exercises (all are single leg, arm, etc):
– Single leg deadlift (use kettlebell, dumbbell or similar)
– Hamstring curl
– Leg press
– Cable glute kickbacks (using cuff on cable machine)
– Dumbbell split squats
– Dumbbell bench press
– Pec deck chest flye
– Standing shoulder press
– Side laterals
– Dumbbell curls
– Tricep kickbacks
– Dumbbell row
– Renegade rows (do 1 set to failure)

Have fun and be safe!

– Em


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