heavy lifting- chest, shoulders and triceps

Now that I am on a roll with the heavy weights, time to post my routine for chest, shoulders and triceps. I do not always work these together by the way. Sometimes I do chest and biceps/triceps, other times only chest… it really depends on what I have going on each week.

Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Routine [First set, heaviest weight 8-10x; Second set, weight down 5-10% 10-12 reps; Third set, weight down 5-10% 12-15 OR failure]

– Barbell bench press
– Dumbbell neutral-grip overhead press (palms facing in)
– Reverse flyes
– Front dumbbell raises
– Tricep cable pushdown
– Tricep cable overhead extension
– Dips (body weight, x10, x12, x15)
End with elevated pushups (hands wide) to failure

Happy lifting,




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