heavy lifting- back and biceps

It seemed fitting to post a back/biceps workout for my heavier lifting segment… so here it is. I added glutes to this one, because why not hit the three B’s..?

Back, Biceps & Booty [unless otherwise noted- first set heaviest weight, x8-10 reps; second set weight down 5%, x10-12 reps; third set weight down 5%, x12-15 or to fail]

– Reverse pullups to warmup (3x to failure)
– Lat pulldowns
– Barbell rows
– Hyper-extensions
– Barbell 21’s (7 full, 7 half up, 7 start half up to top) <- look it up if it doesn’t make sense 🙂
– Include hammer curls
– Barbell hip thrusts
– Cable kickbacks
– Sidesteps with blank band (3 laps)

Stay strong,



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