tri time- let the 2015 season begin

The hibernation is over. March 1st officially marks the beginning of triathlon training season for me. I wish it also meant warm weather outside but beggars can’t be choosers right? I have a 12 week plan at the ready to prepare for the Black Bear Olympic in May. I’ll be following it loosely, but the general feel of it is 1-2x a week swim, 1-2x run, 2-3x bike and sometimes a bike-to-run brick. As always I want to throw in at least 2 days of circuit training as well as 2 days of yoga. Here is this weeks schedule (tentatively, I haven’t quite placed my second yoga class yet):

Monday: Leg Circuit
Tuesday: AM Spin Class (teaching); PM Run with my group (DCCS)
Wednesday: Pilates; PM Swim
Thursday: PM Spin (teaching)
Friday: Circuit Training
Saturday: Bike to Run Brick
Sunday: Swim; PM Yoga

Time to put the hammer down on some training, and also the eating, but that will be posted later.

Happy Training,



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