Watch Out!
Watch Out!

As planned, I opened up the triathlon season with the High Cloud PeasantMan Triathlon. This race is truly for the High Cloud Foundation, as all proceeds from the race go directly to the charity. I was really impressed with the way DC Tri Club volunteered and setup the event. I treated this race as a practice run for the Black Bear in 3 weeks (which is going to be double the distance, eek!!) My transitions were slow, as usual, but I know what I need to work on (that and biking… or ya know maybe a better bicycle would help). I am super happy with my swim time being 20 minutes though!

Overall Rank

Rank  Swim    T1
64       20:13   6:15

Rank   Bike     T2
91      45:59  3:36

Rank    Run     Overall Time
57      31:29    1:47:29

Finish Line Time!
Finish Line Time!
69 is super happy!
69 is super happy!

Thanks to DC Tri Club for a great race. See everyone at Black Bear in three weeks 🙂

Tri’d and true,



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