vegan for a day, or ya know maybe a month

I am obsessed with the whole “eat clean” and “plant-based” movements recently. Nothing against meat, because I still like it. So much so that I originally thought of this *brilliant* idea to go vegan for an entire month, and then quickly redacted (it’s grilling season, so fuck that noise). I certainly have been eating significantly less meat in the last few weeks, and have been mindful to try to keep what I do eat to organic, free-range, etc.

All that said, after buying my gutter-palate friend the Thug Kitchen cookbook in an attempt to make him realize vegetables aren’t so damn difficult, I had to buy my own copy. I have altered my original idea for total vegan, to kind of sort of vegan. My plan is to have at least one meal from the cookbook a day for the entire month of May (some I will probably make for one meal, others I may make large batch for lunches for the week). This guarantees that one of my meals is totally plant-based and vegan. The recipes are also new and fun as f**k to make. Who doesn’t like reading things like “stir-fry those fuckers” and “mix that son of a bitch well”? I fucking love it.

So first recipe on the agenda? Veggie Pad Thai with Dry-Fried Tofu. I plan on making a whole batch of that shit. Lunch is served bitches.

big ass bowl of pad thai
big ass bowl of pad thai toppings
smaller bowl of pad thai toppings

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  1. I agree with your thought process here. I like meat- but I see all the science behind eating a clean or vegetarian diet. If you’re interested, I’d love for you to share a post at my blog link up tomorrow. There’s an explanation on my main menu under ‘Tell ’em Tuesdays.’
    xoxo K


    1. emcycles says:

      Will do- thanks for the like!


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