Daring to Bear… the week before

One. More. Week. This is what some would consider their taper week. I like to think of it more as a week where I try not to do anything new (so I won’t be sore). I’ll have one more day of heavy lifting for legs, and then leave the rest to my usual workouts.

Also… this weekend has been a bit hazy. It’s Memorial Day weekend, my cousin was in town, and uh, I like fun. But, I still maintained (or something like that). My rules?
1. Only drink wine or straight shots. Beer to a minimum, if at all.
2. Late night jumbo slice? DON’T DO IT. Even when not training, know that bad boy will chill in your stomach for the next week.

Here is my workout plan for the week leading up to Black Bear:

Glutes/Hamstrings (aka the booty pump)

Here is the deal. Lift heavy. Do it till it burns, and then bust out 3-5 more. Each set I increase the weight, until last set (the 4th) where I drop it back down and burn it out. Very short rests between sets, just catch your breath and start again.

All 4 sets of max reps (between 8-20)
– Abductor Machine: 130lbs, 140lbs, 150lbs, 130lbs
– Glute Machine: 70lbs, 80lbs, 90lbs, 70lbs
– Leg Press with legs together: 90lbs, 140lbs, 180lbs, 90lbs

3 sets of 10, last set max reps (so I can typically bust out 2-3 more of these)
– Split squats with 10lb dumbbells
– Hip thrust with 40lb barbell

– 3×20 Leg Lift/Knee Tucks to end… just for good measure.

Pre-workout breakfast consisted of protein pancakes with a chia “egg” replacement. Why chia “egg”? Well, for one I didn’t have any eggs, and two I like how it makes the pancake a bit more grainy. I am one of them weirdos that likes super pulpy OJ and the 7-grain bread. Deal with it. Recipe below.

Protein Pancakes with Chia “egg” Replacement

– 1 tbsp. chia with 3 tbsp. water makes 1 “egg”
– 1/4 cup oats
– 1 scoop/packet protein powder
– 3 tbsp. almond milk
– 1/4 cup water

Heat skillet to medium. Add oil, butter, whatever. Mix all ingredients to make the batter. Add batter to heated skillet, which should make about two medium-sized pancakes, or 3 little ones, or 1 giant one. Don’t matter. Flip when ready. Add toppings. Maybe some protein syrup (1 scoop protein with 1 scoop water). I like to slather thin layer of almond butter and drizzle with pure maple syrup. Just DO IT.

yea yea… it could be prettier, but this is real life.

Long Run (~6 miles) <~~ This actually happened. I may have been seriously hungover and not sure of what was going on, but it happened nonetheless.

REST and BRUNCH. It’s Sunday. Relax.

Long Swim (~1500-1700 yards total)

Teach AM Spin (45 minutes); PM Spin/Tryout (usually my running night, but ya know, work priorities)

Workout: Short Run (3-4 miles)

Circuit Workout (30 minutes); Teach PM Spin (45 minutes) <~~ My last class at Stroga 😦


Open Water Swim Practice (~500-700 yards)

Let’s do the damn thing! I am excited to cross that finish line in a week. Hopefully not looking or feeling like this:IMG_2836

just keep tri’n,



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