spun out… my life as a spin instructor

My spinning journey started back in September, with my first job at a local studio called Stroga. In the midst of me making some big life decisions… which include my current desk job office space looking like this:


Because yea, I am leaving cubicle life for start your own business life. That said, I got some unpleasant news on top of all that last week that Stroga was closing. Something about lease being up and not being offered again, blah blah blah. All I heard was “hey your second job no longer exists.” But lemons make lemonade, right? I went right to work looking for new places to teach and applying for jobs. I was new to the whole audition process, which honestly seems like every gym does a bit differently. Looking back I can take a few things from my first experiencea as an instructor. Here is what I have learned so far:

1. People can be awesome. Seeing the corporate side of people is seeing them at their ugliest. Teaching allows me to surround myself with motivated, inspiring individuals.
2. You Should Never Take Yourself Too Seriously. In order to instruct I have to learn to let go. I like being the goofy girl in front of the class now.
3. Making Mistakes Is Easy. And it is OK. I mess up from time to time. The best thing I remember my dad telling me growing up was that he expected me to mess up (okay, if it is my dad he probably said “fuck up”) but, learning from it and not doing it again was the important part. I want to continue to grow as a teacher, sometimes that includes messing up during class or having a poor review. Learn and Grow.

To celebrate my final days of Stroga spinning I am posting my final two classes of the week below, enjoy!

last time I'll be walking through these doors :(
last week I’ll be walking through these doors 😦

Tuesday AM Spin Class Profile
“Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)”- Clean Bandit  [warmup]
“Thunder Clatter”- Wild Cub [seated, standing run to climb transitions]
“Club Can’t Handle Me (feat. David Guetta)”- Flo Rida [seat, standing run to climb to hover transitions]
“You & Me (feat. W. Darling)”- Bassnectar [seat to standing climbs; with uphill charge when standing]
“Centuries”- Fall Out Boy [standing climb, very heavy at end]
“Lightening Bolt”- Jake Bugg [recovery/race pace]
“Danza Kuduro”- Don Omar [“dance”… aka transitions from seat, standing, climb, hover and back again]
“Black Widow”- Iggy Azalea [jumps, 4 count during verses]
“The Other Side”- Jason Derulo [sprints on hills]
“Wicked Wonderland”- Martin Tungavaag [TABATA sprints; “on” for 20 sec, “off” for 10s; 5 rounds]
“GDFR”- Flo Rida [climb with hovers]
“Peanut Butter Jelly”- Galantis [“dance”… see above]
“Work Song”- Hozier [cool down]

Throwback Thursday PM Spin Class Profile (w/ weights)
“Kyrie”- Mr. Mister [warmup, standing run to climb at end]
“Billie Jean”- Michael Jackson [climb with pushups and hovers]
“I Wanna Dance With Somebody”- Whitney Houston [sprints up a hill]
“Electric Avenue”- Eddie Money [seated tricep kickbacks (each side then both arms); bicep curls; standing run during breaks]
“Pour Some Sugar On Me”- Def Leppard [shoulder press; arnold press; alternating shoulder presses; climb during breaks]
“You Make My Dreams”- Daryl Hall & John Oates [climb; pushbacks during chorus]
“Centerfold”- The J. Geils Band [chest flye to shoulder press; bicep curl to lateral raise]
“Kiss”- Prince & The Revolution [review of all weight moves; standing run and climb during breaks]
“Take On Me”- a-ha [seated and standing long sprints]
“Take Me Home Tonight”- Eddie Money [sprints on a hill]
“She Drives Me Crazy”- Fine Young Cannibals [“dance”]
“(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life”- Bill Medley [cool down]

Things are looking up for my next job though. I am confident that I will find something in the next few weeks, and even have some of my front desk staff looking out for me with some recommendations. To top off my final Thursday class I also got some special homemade treats via my front desk buddy Enrique… which I also may have told him on Tuesday that if he did not bring treats for my last class he was dead to me. Whatever gets the job done.

nom nom nom
nom nom nom

going wherever life spins me,



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