Daring to bear… the day before


One. More. Day. Actually at the point of writing this I am at less than a day, so try 8 hours from starting my first Olympic Triathlon. Today was packet pick-up and a practice swim. The swim would be more accurately described as a practice dip with my sausage suit on. Yes, sausage suit. Because that is precisely what I feel like upon squeezing one of those things on. We also got a kiddie-sized pool of an area to swim in, so it lasted for about 10-15 minutes. Successful nonetheless.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

The water was measured today at a nice 74 degrees Fahrenheit. About 8 degrees warmer than Lake Anna was a few weeks back. Hoping that since the boats will not be out tomorrow that the water will not be quite so choppy like it was this afternoon. Also trying to keep my spirits up after our race director gave us one of the most Debby Downer pre-race speeches. “Hills, just so many hills… and that run that feels like hitting a brick wall.” Thanks, bud.

As for the pre-race meal? How about some grilled chicken, steamed asparagus and baked sweet potato fries? #winning

chicken not photographed, sorry not sorry
chicken not photographed, sorry not sorry

Now for the pre-race to do list and packing..

the lay of the land
the lay of the land

The essentials:
– tri shorts, sports bra and tank
– goggles, swim cap
– race tags
– towel
– shoes (cycling and running)
– sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, body glide
– quest bar

Thing I have learned that I need:
– knee compression sleeve (which I will sleep in tonight)
– tissues (I learned at PeasantMan that I can have a very runny nose post swim, and nothing is worse that being snotty while cycling/running)
– headband for post race (lets my dome breathe but keeps the mess out of my face afterwards)

Bike helmet and bike tags are all attached and ready to go. Water and BCAA drinks are all chilling in the fridge. Watch is charged. Now all to do is relax and try to get some sleep… 4:30AM wake-up call is coming for me, and then let’s do the damn thing.

tri or die,



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