Vacation, all I ever wanted

March through May I see people starving themselves and sweating bullets in the gym all for the sake of the “beach bod”. While that is all good and fun (and not really by the way, please don’t starve yourselves), my biggest pitfall is falling off the wagon during those beach vacation days.

Everyone talks about how great it is to run at the beach or workout on the beach. But let’s be real. Most of the time you get too caught up in your frozen drink and your beach towel to even think about squeezing a workout in.

Option A: Circuit Workouts

If you happen to be driving to your destination this option is more than do-able, and also one of the quickest. All you need to do is pack a pair of weights, a yoga mat (although you can probably get by without one), and a resistance band. The yoga strap in the photo is nice for stretching, but not necessary. If you don’t own hand weights use bottles of water, cans of beer, get creative.

Each of the circuits below takes about 18 minutes. That’s it. Don’t forget to stretch. Feel free to combine moves from each to do a total body instead of isolating lower and upper.

DIY Vacation Gym

Leg Circuit: 5 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise

  1. Squat Thrusters
  2. Walking Lunges (with weights)
  3. Side Steps (go one way about 10-12 steps each way and switch)
  4. Goblet Squats
  5. Glute bridges (with legs elevated on chair, bench, etc.)

Optional Booty Blast: 1 round, 30 seconds each side with weight behind knee
1. Fire Hydrants
2. Kickbacks

Upper Body Circuit: 5 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise

  1. Standing Shoulder Press
  2. Renegade Rows
  3. Lying Chest Press with Leg Lift (see pictures)
  4. Spiderman Push-ups with Kick-through (see pictures)
  5. Dolphin Planks
Chest Press with Leg Lift A
Chest Press with Leg Lift B
Spider Man Push-Up

Option B: Running/Swimming
Running is the cheapest, easiest option during vacation. Just pack some running shoes and take off. I like going for runs in new cities to explore. Think of it as multi-tasking. You are working out and getting a tour. Feel free to stop and stare for a minute too, it is vacation after all.

If you are lucky enough to be in a location with an ocean or a pool go for a swim. Even treading water for 5-10 minute rounds will do the body good, and keep you cool.

Option C: Paddleboarding/Surfing/Kayaking… or other fun outdoor activity

Go rent a bicycle and take a cruise. Paddle your way across the bay. Learn something new. 

Option D: Find an actual gym

Hotel gyms offer the small necessities. Do one of the circuits there or make up another routine for yourself with some free weights. Big tourist areas often times will give you a pass for a certain number of days depending on your needs. If you are traveling in a bigger city check out local studios offering free first-time classes or community classes.

Enjoy your workouts, and that margarita. Just because you’ve had a cheat here or there doesn’t mean the entire week has to go to waste. Leave vacation feeling refreshed and not like you have to spend the following month in the gym making up for it.

Bottoms Up,



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  1. Great post!! It is super easy to fall off of the wagon!! 😀


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