the juicy reset

After my month and a half long hiatus from posting and well, from training, I am back at it to prepare for the Ragnar relay in October and TriRock in Clearwater in November. To kick things off I decided to do a cleanse. It was also much needed given all the vacationing and drinking I have been getting into for the last month. Granted, I am not quite done with that since my annual Labor Day extravaganza is coming up… oh well.

My food for the next 3 days

I’ve done a cleanse through this company before, and have posted about it here. The only difference this time is I did there Original instead of the Basic. So instead of drinking Glow for my second drink I had Activate, which was apple, activated charcoal, aloe and lemon. Sounds weird but it ended up being one of my favorites since it just tasted like apple juice.
 I also bent the rules a little in that I started my cleanse midday Saturday (post-brunch, cause ya know, priorities), and ended it midday Tuesday.  Bending the rules worked just fine for me though. I feel lighter, better and have a nice glow going on. With all that done it is time for me to work on my plan for Flexible Dieting, but more on that later. For now I am going to enjoy my acai bowl as I ease my way out of this cleanse.

yay real food!!

Keep it clean,



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