flexibility is strength

During my juice cleanse reset I spent time reading up on the idea of flexible dieting. Yea, I am sort of boarding the #iifym train (although the best hastag will forever be ownded by CT Fletcher for #isymfs). This does not mean I am boarding the “donuts and squats” train or any of the other weird food fetish fads for weightlifters. My new plan is based off of the e-book “Flexible Dieting: 2.0” by Krissy Mae Cagney. She actually does not really go for the whole #iifym idea in that you should still make healthy decisions, but have the capability to have that donut once in awhile. Which I personally will not do, cause I have this thing against donuts, but that is neither here nor there.

I’ve set a goal, know my macros and have started tracking. Here is my macro breakdown:

147.2 grams of protein
73.6 grams of fat
112.5 grams from carbohydrates

Training days I try to consume about half my carbohydrates prior to training and then the rest after. Non-training days I try to lower my carbohydrate intake overall. Here are a few things I have noted so far about this new method:

  • Tracking Food is a Pain in the @$$

It really is. There is no way around that. Even with MyFitnessPal it kind of sucks and takes awhile. BUT, I also like to eat a lot of different things. The recipe upload option is helpful though when I make a big ol’ pot of soup or something. Regardless I do not plan on tracking on the app forever. The point of it is to create habits. I now know what a serving of spinach, turkey, etc. etc. etc. looks like.

  • I Don’t Eat Nearly Enough Protein

With tracking I realized it is hard to eat enough protein in a day. Like exceptionally hard. Unless I just eat straight up chicken and turkey burgers all day. I cannot do that. I am trying to incorporate other types of protein such as fish, yogurt and eggs. Drinking it helps to a degree but it not a very caloric-dense food source. Still a work in progress but I am learning. I am also on a budget so just another challenge to overcome.

  • Some Fruits Have A LOT of Carbohydrates

Nuff’ said. Be careful with those tasty bastards.

  • Food is Fuel, but Sometimes It Can Still Be Fun

I do look at food in a different way… but I also train harder because of it which allows me that extra bit of flexibility.

With all that said, I promise to become a better blogger- so I leave you with a taste of my new flexibility. 

breakfast food porn

Eat up,



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