Ragnar Relay DC- Part 2

** I realized I forgot to mention one of the best parts about my Ragnar Team in my first post… OUR NAME! It was Weekend With Bernie, since one of our teammates is well, named Bernie. It was originally going to be Don’t Follow Bernie since he always gets lost on our runs, but another runner came up with Weekend and we could not say no to that. Okay, moving along now…**

Race day is upon us, the temperature a whopping 45 degrees Fahrenheit, rain steadily falling. SPOILER ALERT… it is never going to stop raining. The race did not go quite as planned for me physically, but some things happened along the way to work in my favor. Overall, this race has again brought me closer to other crazy fitness people. You cannot take away from the experience of this one which is probably why we are already discussing future relays (sorry Mom!).

Van 2 Legs Begin!
Van 2 Legs Begin!

Leg One Crash
My first leg was 5.9 miles on the Maryland Rail Trail. The first 2.5 went smoothly and then around mile 3 I started experience some pain/tightness in my right quad. Being who I am I refused to stop and assess the situation and instead barreled my way through the entire 5.9 miles. Overall pace was 9’25/mi and I had six kills and was taken twice. For you non-Ragnarians: a kill is when you pass another runner and being taken is obviously the opposite of that. Unfortunately, after this leg I had an insane pain in my right hip. After some web diagnosis I was convinced I had hip bursitis. Regardless, it hurt like a bitch and I was wary about completing my second leg.

Cancelled Leg to the rescue!
After taking a break at a bar in Hagerstown. Oh yea, we stopped for a sit-down meal this time. I should title this Ragnar 2015: The Diva Edition. Anyway, our second round was approaching and as I let you in on earlier, it was still raining. So much so that leg 23 was cancelled due to the poor roadway conditions (it is on some backwoods dirt road). Since I was leg 22, I asked my fellow teammate if he wanted to run my leg since his was no longer happening. He obliged (3.5 miles vs. 9.2 miles, easy pick). I continued to be van navigator throughout the night/morning, because our second round of legs went from 12-4:30 AM. YEA…

Getting weird at Ragnar... definitely motivation to finish that last leg.
Getting weird at Ragnar… definitely motivation to finish that last leg.

A painful 1.8 miles
After a very short break at a hotel to sleep and eat. 2 and a half hours to be exact. The final stretch was upon us. I was heavily medicating with ibprofen for my hip and it was starting to feel a lot better. Enough that I decided it was leg 3 or bust. It was only 1.8 miles, right? Well, it was the slowest 1.8 I have ever run, 11’30/mi pace but I was only taken once. Little did my team know at this point but the reason all the vans seemed to disappear was because we were part of the first 50 to finish the race.

The road to recovery
After an evening of lovesac-ing and TV watching. I spent Sunday attempting to recover this busted hip. It felt a little better. Met with my massage therapist on Monday to get a serious rub down and it definitely helped things. Got back into the gym on Wednesday (upper body lifting only) and just finished a spin class (with minimal discomfort). Stretching helps. Not running helps even more. Thinking that prior to this last triathlon of the season I actually won’t run at all and will only cycle and swim. As long as my cardiovascular capacity is maintained I am not as concerned about the 6 miles to end my triathlon. The less impact on this body the better. It was apparently not built for it. Oh well… I can play to my strengths on this one. Regardless future Ragnars are in the works for me– cause it is so damn addicting (sorry, but not sorry again Mom).

Weekend with Bernie!!
Weekend with Bernie!! We did it!

keep pushing,



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