guess who’s back?

I constantly lie and tell everyone (like the 3 people that read this) how I plan to write more and share more and just simply do more on here. I am not a huge fan of resolutions, but I truly do want to make this one of them. But I could just be lying again, so I suppose you’ll have to just deal with it and find out…

Anyway here are my updates:

  1. That hip problem I had. Gone, maybe? I have not run since the Ragnar Relay and have been aggressively doing yoga, cycle and power sculpt. I have been really focusing on hip openers during my practice and realize this is something that if i want to continue to do high impact I will need to incorporate into my routine on the regular. That sad, I “ran” for the first time on the treadmill yesterday. A fartlek if you will. Which I really hate that term. But I walked for 5 min, ran for 2, then walked for 2 ran for 3, walked for 1 ran for 5 and then cooled down walking for 2 min. 20 min total. Lots of hip stretches after, a glute workout, more stretching and then icing of the knee. Woke up feeling some stiffness but not the “OMG I  can’t walk  down the stairs” type.

    Walk/Run warmup, glute workout and ice post workout.
  2. I got a gig at a studio teaching indoor cycle! Woohoo! This is my favorite update. The studio is called Dancing Mind and I seriously love it. I have been taking their yoga and power sculpt classes as well. I hope to eventually teach some power sculpt and maybe, just maybe do some CrossFit.
  3. Flexible dieting went down the drain. Sort of. I still eat very clean with minimal cheat meals, I just have not been good with keeping track of macros. I’m working on it, k?

    Remnants of some venison enchiladas I made the other night.
  4. I am officially signed up for Ragnar Relay Richmond. This is the trail run with camping. Super excited. Training posts and such to come. The race is in April. 🙂

That is all for now. I have missed this. I forgot how fun it is to talk about yourself and all the awesome things you do. I will leave you all with an awesome Intro to Jumps class I have created for my students next week. Happy snowstorm to all my Northeast friends!

stay warm,


Perfecting Jumps Ride
Warmup (8:12)- Start with about 4 minutes of seated flat with a cadence check. Have students find that happy spot they could maintain for the duration of class. Last 4 minutes go from a standing ‘climb’ to standing flat (position 3 to 2). Nothing too crazy with resitance yet. Song: “Human (Armin van Burren Club Remix)”- The Killers

Jumps Round 1 (3:32)- Do longer jumps through the chorus and first verse, so about 20-30 seconds. Encourage students to focus on finding a good cadence and resistance, this is the time to play with finding the perfect spot for a controlled “jump”. Song: “Uma Thurman”- Fall Out Boy

Jumps Round 2 (3:50)- 3 rounds of 8 count jumps—control, control, control! Song: “A Change Would Do You Good”- Sheryl Crow

Seated Climb (3:12)- Break from jumps. Sit down and slowly build resistance in the saddle to about 80% of max. Song: “Drag Me Down”- One Direction

Standing Climb (3:42)- Go straight from the seated climb into a standing climb, build up to 90% of what you can take. Add in some uphill charges for some variety. Song: “Saint Cecilia”- Foo Fighters

Jumps on a Hill (3:37)- The first of a four-part jump series. I say Jumps on a hill but it is really steep rolling hill climbs, so crank the resistance and hill climb during the chorus. Song: “How You Like Me Now”- The Heavy

Jumps Round 3 (3:33)- 8 count to 4 count jumps, 2x. Song: “On My Mind”- Ellie Goulding

Jumps on a Hill (4:38)- Same as before, running uphill during the chorus. Try to go a bit heavier on these if you can keep up the cadence. Song: “Do or Die” (Afrojack vs. 30 Seconds to Mars Remix)

Jumps Round 4 (4:25)- Last set of jumps, 4 counts 3 times with control. Song: “Rag Doll”- Aerosmith

Run Ups (4:02)- I call these run ups, but you are going from running with resistance to standing climb, increasing resistance. So I like to say you crank it, up at 2, crank it again go to 3. Recover seated. Do this during the chorus, recover at verse. So 3x total. Recover at end for last minute to lead into cool down.

Cool down for 4-5 minutes. Pick whatever song you like… I have a whole cool down playlist and typically just cue it up and play whatever random song comes on with shuffle.


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